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Daily maintenance and troubleshooting and light
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Whether the stage sound and lighting are normal or not directly affects the effect of the performance, so both professional sound equipment and stage lighting equipment need to do a good job in the maintenance and maintenance, the problem of the line and equipment should be timely repair, to avoid the emergence of unexpected circumstances.

1. Check the sequence of electrification in the enclosure of sound and lighting equipment

The order of live inspection of the equipment shell is to check whether the power supply line is damaged, followed by whether the line phase is correct, and then to know whether the equipment grounding and voltage are correct.

2. How to check for resonance and feedback in the sound field

If resonance and harmony feedback occurs in professional audio equipment, first check whether the room frequency response has a peak point, there is to check whether the room structure and decoration is reasonable, it is best to check whether the frequency division point and bass gain is reasonable, whether the room reverberation time is too long.

3. Inspection method for producing interference noise

If there is any noise in professional audio equipment, firstly, it is necessary to check the dimming interference and whether the audio and lighting power supply is disconnected. Secondly, it is necessary to check whether the lighting power supply and control line are too close to the audio signal line and whether there is any case that the silicon box is too close to the audio equipment.

In general, the noise of the speaker system is usually caused by the unreasonable transmission of the signal. Therefore, when the shielding of the signal line is wrong or the grounding of the signal is incorrect, noise interference is easy to occur.

4. Check order for insufficient volume on professional sound system

Under normal circumstances, if there is insufficient volume in professional audio equipment, it is necessary to timely check whether the power amplifier and speaker line level setting is correct, and then to understand whether the speaker line connection is firm, there is the power amplifier and speaker phase is consistent, equalizer attenuation in the normal range? Is the starting level of the voltage limiter appropriate?

5. Check for uncontrolled lighting

The lamp is out of control, it is necessary to check whether there is any problem with the program of the controller, whether there is any problem with the address code of the lamp, whether the connection method of the control line is correct, and whether the shielding of the control line is subject to undesirable interference, whether the limit adjustment of the lamp is appropriate, etc.

6. Computer lamp bulb damage inspection

In stage audio lighting is the most easy to occur in the bulb is bad, so there is a problem, check whether install light bulb, have defiled with dust and moisture, and heat dissipation is to check the bulb is not within the normal range, the best need to check whether the voltage in the normal range, is there any use of the power switch too frequently.

7. Sound instability of wireless microphone in professional audio equipment:

If the wireless microphone is unstable, the first step is to check the reason for the unstable sound, whether it is caused by high-frequency interference source in the system, or the antenna connection error, receiver fine-tuning, microphone battery power and other connection equipment problems.

8. Inspection of video images in audiovisual system

If in the professional audio equipment, video image is not normal condition in the first need to check the program system is in the scope of the right equipment shell have charged situation, the second shield also check signal is susceptible to high level, best to check whether the projection tube is within the normal range, the performance of the LCD projector bulbs have a problem.