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350w 3in1 beam spot wash moving head
    Publish time 2019-12-13 11:19    
350w 3in1 beam spot wash moving head
Voltage: AC100-240V 50 / 60Hz
Power: 500W
Light source: OSRAM Sirius HRI 350xl or yodn MSD 350r16
Ballast: electronic ballast
Channel: 24 two channel modes DMX512 receive
Color: one color disk, 14 color chips + white light
Pattern: a fixed pattern plate with 14 metal patterns.
One rotating pattern disk, 8 glass rotating patterns + 1 aperture
Prism: two bi-directional rotating prisms, one 8 prism and one 16 prism, the beam angle can be freely scaled
Focus: linear focus
Dimming: 0-100 linear dimming
Atomization: gradual atomization, dyeing angle 5-30 degrees
Stroboscopic: 0.5-14 times / second, various stroboscopic effects
Optics: high precision glass optical lens
Motion angle: horizontal 540 degrees, 8 / 16bit resolution
Vertical 270 degrees, 8 / 16bit resolution
Protection class: IP20
Net weight: 21.5kg
Package size: 42 * 27 * 64