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Focus on the development, production, sales, engineering design and installation of stage lighting equipment

  • 13 2019-12

    The close involvement of stage lighting and lighting controller

    Contained for the stage of the party, is there are many kinds of forms of performances, such as sketch, singing and dancing, drama and so on, a variety of different forms of stage performance, the Great Wall is also need to use different stage lights to foil a......

  • 13 2019-12

    Daily maintenance and troubleshooting and light

    Whether the stage sound and lighting are normal or not directly affects the effect of the performance, so both professional sound equipment and stage lighting equipment need to do a good job in the maintenance and maintenance, the problem of the line and equip......

  • 13 2019-12

    Basic knowledge of stage lighting technology and industry development

    Since the creation of the stage, the lighting of the stage has become an integral part of the stage. Stage lighting, the emphasis on visual, realistic, aesthetic and performance of the four elements. It has evolved over the years. Gradually developed into toda......

  • 13 2019-12

    LED eight hot technology and prospects

    Technology is a powerful driving force for the rapid development of LED industry, and it is also the confidence and strength for Chinese LED enterprises to stride onto the world stage. Driven by technological innovation, LED enterprises are showing the strengt......