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240DMX console
    Publish time 2019-12-13 11:17    
240DMX console
240DMX console
DMX512 / 1990 signal output * 384 control channels
There are 30 banks, each bank has 8 programmable scenes
There are 16 adjustable positioners to adjust the output size
Power on again to run the last chase or bank
Built in mic head, providing sound trigger
In the auto trigger state, the auto trigger time is determined by tap sync key or speed potentiometer
In MIDI interface, MIDI signal can be used for control at any time
4-digit digital display
The blackout function can be controlled remotely by hand or MIDI
Chases programming and chases operation function can be controlled manually or remotely with MIDI
Output delay function, adjust delay time with fade time potentiometer
DMX signal output connector: xlr-d3f
LED bulb connector
Power input: dc9v 1000mA
Boundary dimension: 520mm × 183mm × 73mm
Weight: 2.7kg