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8 head laser lights
    Publish time 2019-12-13 11:18    
8 head laser lights
8 laser single red single green single blue RGB
Product technical parameters:
Rated voltage: AC110V to AC230V + 10%
Rated frequency: 50Hz ~ 60Hz
Rated power: 200Watts
Color: red green blue laser
Laser power: single red 300MW, single green 120mW, single blue 500mW
Laser pattern: various thick beam effect patterns
Laser modulation signal: TTL modulation signal
Control mode: DMX-512 signal control, self operation mode, voice control mode,
Control channel: 6 / 14 ch 512 channel
Laser source: R red light: 300MW / 638nm g green light: 80mW / 532nm B blue light: 500MW / 450nm
Scanning system: stepping motor
Scanning angle: + 25 degrees
Cooling system: forced fan cooling system
Working environment: Indoor
Product packaging: carton
Inner box size: 110x14x21 cm
Outer box size: 112x30x23cm (2 NTU package)
Net weight: 9.5 kg
Gross weight: 12kg