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280W Sharply beam moving head lights
    Publish time 2023-04-09 18:27    
280W Sharply beam moving head lights

Voltage: 100V-240V/50-60Hz

Ballast: electronic ballast total power: 400W

Light source: Philips 250W/280W, OSRAM 250W/295W, Phoenix bulb 230W

Color temperature: 7500K

Average lifespan: 1500 hours

Control channel: DMX512 18 channels, master-slave mode, self-propelled mode.

LCD touch screen control interface, which can control the function of turning on the light bulb and display the lamp and light bulb usage time

Scanning: Horizontal 540°, Vertical 270°

Color wheel: a color wheel, 13 colors plus white light; legend wheel: 14 legends

Cylinder mirror: a rotatable 8-cylinder mirror and a honeycomb mirror

Strobe: support machine strobe and adjustable speed strobe effect, support strobe function, strobe frequency is 15 times per second

Lens: high-precision optical lens, lens group optical system, electric focus (the head ring can be equipped with auxiliary light effect)

Beam Angle: 1.6°

Focus: linear electronic focus Dimming: 0-100% linear focus

Automatic horizontal and vertical line positioning system

Can provide pre-set macro-command controller recovery function, with automatic start-up electronic monitoring and position error correct setting cold monitoring system in the school

DMX channel electrical monitoring automatic data transmission fault diagnosis interruption system

Features: bright, fast, silent

Net weight: 14kgs

Gross weight: 16kgs