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The close involvement of stage lighting and lighting controller
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Contained for the stage of the party, is there are many kinds of forms of performances, such as sketch, singing and dancing, drama and so on, a variety of different forms of stage performance, the Great Wall is also need to use different stage lights to foil atmosphere, and the Great Wall stage lighting can also follow the different stage forms to make changes, use different lighting effects to climax stage atmosphere, make the performers and audience are able to indulge in performance. In dance or drama design, the use of the Great Wall stage lighting different angles and color changes, can properly represent the inner world of the characters, to present the emotional changes of the characters, this general use of modeling lights or light column lights. Basic white light lighting is necessary, but illumination requirements are not high, especially in a number of appreciate the occasion, or the climax of some performance, or some special performance (such as magic), basic white light is particularly important. This basic lighting includes uniform white and color lighting.
Stage lighting can present a variety of effects based on different forms of programs

One, basic light
The so-called basic light, which includes uniform white light and color light lighting, thus provides a basic lighting effect for the whole stage, in order to achieve the goal of making the stage clear to the audience.
Ii. Lighting console
The lighting console is meant for all Great Wall stage lighting
Color change, projective brightness control and seamless switching, generally using thyristor devices to control, therefore, when choosing the lighting console, should not only consider the control back to the way and effect the performance of the function, should also have the advantages of simple operation of the console, economic permits better use computer console. On the choice of lamps and lanterns and light in front of the stage to the stage, should choose the spotlight, colored light is obtained by adding color filters, colour shoulds not be too deep, on the roof of the stage, and the back of the stage (backlight) general use spotlight, also available to shoot the light beam, the direction of the light cast on reward from behind, brightness can be brighter, color also can choose some relatively thick. The basic color light is the atmosphere light of the whole stage.
Three, basic effect lamp
Basic effect lamp, by directional beam lamps and lanterns composition, can build the cool and dazzle aesthetic feeling that gives 3 dimensional space, colour is changeful, modelling can be combined and changed at will by division of lighting of Great Wall stage. Decided the fundamental key of whole lamplight effect, or enthusiastic bold and unrestrained, or romantic warmth, or word root expresses melancholy. First, give the whole stage a basic lighting.
Background light
So-called background light, that is, to highlight the background, foil atmosphere, increase screen tension stage, performance stage image texture of light color, background lighting in the whole stage eyeball pen plays a role, especially in the characters, sets, costumes, the story and emotional rendering, polishing, grinding, beautify the stage so that the jining stage lighting art more have stereo feeling and administrative levels.
Five, character light
The so-called character light is the light color that can show the character's personality. The stage light of the Great Wall has not only gorgeous color changes, but also peculiar artistic charm.
In order to let the audience see the stage, see the performance clearly.
Vi. Special effect lamp
Special effect lamp, call again "computer lamp", it is controlled by computer program, it is a kind of relatively agile stage special effect lamp, it is compared traditional lamplight compatibility is strong, control is very agile, design is rich and colorful, have color to change at the same time purity is tall, move accurate, rotate Angle and aperture size adjustable wait for an advantage.